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In kid's words

We break it down for kids
in the simplest way.

In 9 ways

We offer 9 answer templates
fitting different scenarios.

Answer Templates ×9

9 ways to meet your various needs, making learning fun and interactive.


A clear and straight answer
Scenario: anytime


A story starting with 'Once upon a time...'
Scenario: bedtime

Cartoon Story

A story featuring your kid's favorite cartoon characters
Scenario: anytime

True Story

A true story based on real person or event
Scenario: convincing your kids


An interactive role-playing game
Scenario: experimental topic


A poem
Scenario: emotion envoked topics


6 promt questions
Scenario: gradually discovering

Ariticle List

10 articles on the topic with links
Scenario: self learning


A rap
Scenario: creative topics

Language ×57

With the help of Apple Natural Language framework, we support all common languages in the world.

You can ask and get answer both in your own language.